The Fire Experts are internationally known investigators specializing in forensic fire and explosion investigations, failure analyses, root-cause determinations, and identification of contributory factors that significantly impact the severity and magnitude of the loss. We have investigated hundreds of large-loss incidents involving multiple fatalities and widespread property destruction in a wide variety of service sectors. Our experience ranges from manufacturing and energy facilities to maritime and aviation losses, and from large wild land fire incidents to cases involving issues of product liability due to alleged deficiencies in design, manufacture or warnings. We are frequently retained in cases where an explosion or fire involves natural gas, propane, or a flammable liquid, and have also investigated many commercial and residential incidents where a fire implicates failure of an electronic consumer product or household appliance.

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Fire Testing

Computer Fire Modeling Using the High Performance Class 1 Beowulf Computer Cluster with Xeon Processors


Client Testimonial:

“I retained The Fire Experts to assist with an investigation of a fire at a large mixed-use development.  Paul Tekorius was in town within 24-hours and performed a complete and detailed investigation in compliance with NFPA 921.  He photographed and documented the area, retrieved local surveillance videos from multiple sources,  canvassed the neighborhood and interviewed witnesses,  collected video and photographs from witnesses,  interfaced with multiple jurisdictional authorities involved in the cause and origin investigation and supervised a dig with all potential interested parties.

Paul’s investigation was diligent, detailed, and complete.   I can confidently say that the detail and effort that Paul Tekorius put into his investigation exceeded that of the governmental agencies that investigated the fire, and it was more thorough than the investigation performed by the experts retained by the other parties involved.  The six lawsuits that later resulted from the fire all ended favorably for my client.  Paul’s investigation identified the evidence that verified the area of origin and it was instrumental in achieving an outstanding result.   I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend The Fire Experts as investigators for large-loss fire claims.”