Forensic reconstruction is an accurate, to scale, graphical representation of the fire scene. This is extremely critical when testing origin and cause theories, as a competent ignition source in close contact with a first fuel may no longer be capable of igniting a material when moved inches or feet away.

Using our experience and basic hand tools we conduct detailed scene documentation. This decreases your costs as expensive specialized equipment is not required and only our experts are required to testify at trial.

Our methodology is to prepare detailed field notes, and later enter those into a 3-D computer aided drafting program. The result is an accurate depiction of the fire scene as it appeared just prior to the fire. This is more accurate than the “as-built” plans, due to our attention to detail. We include each critical component, whether they be wooden two by fours or industrial furnaces.

The result is a 3-D rendering which can be rotated, sliced or colored to suit the need. The images can be used as trial exhibits, mediation displays, jury walk throughs or visual aids for eyewitness interviews. The 3-D files can be sent to any laboratory or testing facility to recreate the scene for any bench scale or full scale testing required.

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